Many non-profit organizations and youth-based groups, such as scouts, sports teams, school clubs and church groups, need to continuously fundraise each and every year to pay for the essential programs and/or activities they participate in. Many of these programs and activities are vital to their communities and those who benefit from them.
However, finding enough supporters to donate those needed funds can become more and more difficult as time goes on. Additionally, for those organizations who are brand new, finding and building a base of new supporters can be a real challenge. There is no bottomless pit filled with potential supporters waiting to throw money their way. Every year in which funds need to be raised brings with it a new search for those willing to give.

The KEY to FINDING and KEEPING loyal supporters is a simple one…  APPRECIATION.

That’s right, Appreciation. Nearly every fundraiser out there lacks this one vital piece in creating and GROWING a base of loyal supporters… Think about it. Most fundraisers have been the same for many, many… many years. “Hey, buy something from this catalog.” or “Hey, buy some junk food from me.” or “Hey, give me money for walking/running a marathon.” or the worst one… “Hey, give me money.” That one’s not even fundraising… It’s just begging.

In every one of these examples, the feelings of the SUPPORTERS are not taken into account. Supporters are usually asked to donate money they were not prepared to spend on stuff they usually don’t even want or asked to give money without receiving anything of personal value back in return. To top it off, even if a supporter is purchasing something they want, they’re usually getting GOUGED in the process, paying up to three times more than the price of that same item at the store. This inflated pricing, now common place in most fundraisers, can leave supporters feeling ripped off and even guilt-tripped into purchasing over-priced products they either did not want or could not afford. None of this makes the buying experience a pleasant one, leaving supporters feeling like nothing more than an ATM for the organization’s cause. This old fundraising model actually De-Incentivizes supporters from continuing their support year after year.

When choosing or creating a fundraiser for your organization, you need to take your Supporter’s experience into serious consideration. Giving your supporters a positive experience is the only way to win their loyalty, thereby creating an army of long-term activists eager to part with their money for your cause… each and every year. Additionally, making your Supporters the focus of your fundraising activities will result in great word-of-mouth about your group and mission, continuously INCREASING the number of NEW Supporters to your cause with little to no additional effort on your part.

When looking at fundraising options, consider the following:

  • Will your supporters truly want what you’re selling? When people buy something, whether it is a product (including food) or experience (event), they inherently want to get value for their money. If you are considering a fundraiser that offers something that brings no real value to most of your supporters (ie, something most of them don’t really want or need) you need to keep looking for a different option.


  • Make sure the Price Is Right. The last thing you want to do is make someone feel taken advantage of when they’re trying to help you. Find a fundraiser that is priced comparatively to other similar products or events in the marketplace. If possible, it is best to find something that your supporters might typically purchase on their own, therefore already have money in their budget for it.


  • Will your supporters receive value for their donation? People don’t want to give something and get nothing in return. A sense of joy in helping others is wonderful in itself, but attaching something more tangible to that feeling will help make it that much more memorable. The more memorable the experience, the easier it will be for word-of-mouth to spread. This can be anything from a product your supporters will truly enjoy to an exceptionally fun night out with friends and family. Also, make sure that the purchasing experience in itself is also a pleasant one, or all of the goodwill you are trying to create might be for nothing.

I hope these tips on how to find and grow your base of loyal supporters has been helpful. If you would like to know how Zingerz Comedy Club could help you in achieving this goal, by following the tips laid out within this article, please contact us at:

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